The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD)

jcr1The Enterprise Growth Program (E.G.P.) works with enterprises within the transition economies to develop new business skills at the senior management level, to better equip them to compete in a modern market economy. Advisers transfer management and technical know-how to enterprises, sharing their commercial experience directly with the CEOs and senior managers. In this way, the EGP creates a vibrant SME sector in transition economies.Senior Industry Advisers will:
>assist enterprises to establish a strategic direction
> support and advise the CEOs in the preparation of a realistic business plan, based on best international business practices
>help enterprises to establish and develop a network of international contacts with customers, suppliers,distributors, investors and foreign partners.
>assist companies to reach quality standards that comply with the EU and other developed countries’ regulations
>build the confidence of the CEOs and senior management in their own ability to manage their
businesses successfully in a market-driven economy and to adapt to the demands of international markets.

Please contact James Coyle for further details on his role as Senior Industry Advisor to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD).

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