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Stacey Hamill could see the potential
of a new tourism venture at her
home. Literally on the doorstep
was a disused 200 year old stone dwelling which
was full of character, located in a perfect setting with
stunning views over Colin Mount, it provided the ideal
opportunity for 4 self-catering properties. Stacey, as
a local bar owner, was in the ideal position to hear
first hand from local residents and visitors to the
area alike who found it increasingly difficult to find
self catering accommodation in the vicinity. Many
wanted accommodation which offered the flexibility
for families, groups or budget-conscious travellers.
With a young, growing family Stacey decided to
give up her lease on the bar and apply for support
from the Rural Development Programme to
transform her outbuilding. When the funding was
offered Stacey and her husband Jamie converted
and extended the cottages into three separate
units which cater for a wide variety of needs. The
building has been transformed from a derelict shell
which had housed evacuees during World War II in
to high quality tourist accommodation. Stacey was
one of the speakers at the Rural Networks
‘Early Steps into Business’seminar and laid out her plans
for the future which include extending the current

accommodation to include a luxury spa.
Of the event she said,“It was an inspiration and very motivating
hearing other peoples exciting ventures”and she
shared advice with others starting out “follow your
dreams and don’t ever give up, you only live once!”

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