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Posted by Jim on January 06, 2021  /   Posted in Blog
2020 has been a period of great uncertainty for firms, with discussions around Brexit, combined with the impact of Covid-19, creating uniquely challenging circumstances.

Brexit has happened and a Trade and Cooperation Agreement has been reached by the EU and the UK. For cross-border trade, the NI Protocol means no customs arrangements or additional paperwork on trade in goods. Businesses will still need to examine supply chains and know about the changes to trade in goods with GB, as well as adapting to new rules around trading in services, and InterTradeIreland can help firms understand the implications of the new trading relationship.

Going forward into 2021, our continued focus will be on supporting businesses move forward and look to the future. We will aim to help firms harness new technologies, embrace digitalisation, explore potential opportunities in areas such as low carbon and advanced manufacturing and adapt to the ever-changing environment through a broad range of innovative cross-border supports.

As well as InterTradeIreland, our colleagues in Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices and Invest NI have a wide range of assistance available. 

In addition to our full range of programmes, InterTradeIreland offer Brexit and Covid-19 financial supports for tailored professional advice to help firms navigate through the uncertainty .

For information on our Covid-19 support, please click here.

For information on our Brexit support, please click here.

If you have any questions on Brexit please contact our dedicated Brexit Advisory Service by emailing

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